Nike+ GPX Export

Given my inability to make a decision to switch completely to Nike+ from Sports Tracker, I have developed a solution to export Nike+ runs as GPX files which can be easily imported into Sport Tracker (manually). It is a Chrome plugin, which will login into Nike+ and then list your runs, and next to each run is the ability to export to GPX files.

Caveat – Nike+ doesn’t provide an interface to give the exact time at each GPS location, so I use the split data (1 kms) to average each GPS location over each KM (i.e. profile/lap data is accurate only to a 1km resolution).

There are other sites around that provide this kind of feature, but the latest Nike+ update broke most of them (at the time of this post). Therefore, this is the only option I have which works with the current Nike+ as of August-2012.

Please download the latest version by clicking the “Download” menu option above (or at the top of the blog web site for those using RSS readers).

94 thoughts on “Nike+ GPX Export

    • Sorry about not including it in this build (I don’t have a HR monitor and was being lazy!). I will take a look at it and try to get an update out. Stay tuned.

      • Looks like the hr figures will suffer the same problem as the distance figures i.e i will have to manually assign hr measurements to geo locations and it wont be ‘perfect’. I will post that update soon.

    • You need to put chrome into dev mode, which allows extensions to be manually installed. There is a check box to select on the extensions page.
      Let me know if you need more detailed instructions.

      • Another method is to drag/drop the extension from your downloads folder into the extensions tab in chrome.

    • There should be a merging-arrow icon on your window now. Click it, and then enter your nike+ login details. You then can choose the run and click the associated gpx icon to download the gpx file into your downloads folder.

  1. Thanks!!! After my 2nd Nike Sportswatch broke, I switched to other brand. Now I can have my history in one site.

    If you could just add HR, It would make this extension perfect.

    • Yeah, clicking the icon should start the download. Can you check your downloads folder for any gpx files? On some versions of chrome there is no indication of the download occurring. If no gpx file, then can you check you are using the latest version of chrome?

      • unfortunately nothing happens no download of any file not even clickable…
        awesome would be a “complete file” to transfer all runs at ones!
        chrome 22.0.122964 beta on mac os x 10.8.2

        anyway thanks a lot for coding! great tool! great idea -> plugin!

    • Upon uploading a run It will not be immediately available for download. When I first loaded the plugin none of the downloads were active. (I assume maybe the gpx files are process and stored in a local cache ? ) after maybe an hour I came back and they were working.

      • hey brad! you were right! chrome needs some time! if i start with the last page i can download the gpx file etc. awesome! works!

      • Great! I have about 60 pages of runs also .. so don’t know it this is the common denominator. I can live with waiting a bit for it to be downloadable. I am just stoked to be able to export a gpx again thanks to jkili !! He is my new Hero 🙂

  2. It does not work on my account, I’ve installed the extension to chrome with developer mode, and after login with my user I just see my name profile picture and no runs… what I do Wrong? no list no download :(((

  3. Hi, export seemed to work fine, but when i tried to import the gpx file in endomondo or sportstracker they tell me that this is not a valid gpx File, what can i do?

    • Can you open up your console log after you log in (Right Mouse Button on the extension window, and inspect element/Console) and then do everything until the error happens, and cut/copy everything out of the console and send it to me in an email at

  4. Hi. I keep getting the error below. Any ideas? I made sure the extensions were enabled but I don’t know how to put Chrome into developer. Can you please advise…I’m guessing thats what I’m missing?

    An error occurred while loading activities. Details: [TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined]

  5. I cannot thank you enough for creating this plugin! Now I can finally export my GPX files again and add them to Endomondo. Thank you!

  6. Hi,

    As others have reported above i also get “Error!
    An error occurred while creating GPX file. Details: [TypeError: Cannot call method ‘indexOf’ of undefined]”

    When trying to export files dated this year.

    I did try and see if i could get the debug log for you but not sure the instructions work as described on a mac or i am just being dumb.

    Feel free to email me if i can supply more info directly.

      • Hi,

        It actually worked fine in the end. For some reason the time of the run on the Nike site was a couple of hours ahead of the time I ran and as logged on my device. Not sure if a glitch on their part.

        As such when I was downloading the time was in the future. Once I tried after the time it was reporting bit worked perfectly.


  7. I am having the same problem that John and Miki are having. (I haven’t waited two hours, but I figure that may fix my problem.)

    I’m not sure if it helps, but I’m in the Central time zone. If you’re located in Pacific, that may be what’s going wrong… I don’t know if there’s some time zone correction that you’d have to do.

    Awesome tool, though… thanks for writing it! (I’ll post again if my problem isn’t fixed in a few hours.)

      • Sure. (As expected, waiting a couple of hours with the previous version (1.32 I think) seemed to fix it as well for me.)

        My next run is tomorrow. I’ll pull the data down with this and keep you posted (if I remember.) If it works perfectly, I may forget to post…

  8. Hi, my chrome doesn’t allow me to run that extension, I’ve checked the dev’s box, but it is still the same. I tryed to upload then manually but it tells me that it doesn’t find the manifest file into the directory.

      • Ok, the extension works, just when I click on gpx it downloads a tcx, just like when I click on tcx. Can you fix this or tell me what to do to get gpx files?

      • Looks like I haven’t fixed the bug on OSX (funny how it works on Win7/Chrome but not OSX). I have a different way I can implement the D/L which I will post soon which will hopefully fix this problem once and for all. Thanks for the feedback.


      • Hi,

        1.42 works for me also to download both GPX and TCX. Hopefully i will get to try it with time lag issue soon. been focusing on cycling rather than running the last week or so.

        I appreciate all the good work.

        Is this the form to ask one more question/make one feature request. You may be missing this but is there a way to list the activities in revers order so newest to oldest, as i want to always download my last run i have to go to the last page to get to it. I know not a big deal and it is me being fussy, but if it was presented to me so it was first item rather than last this would be nice.


      • I’ve tested 1.42 on Mac OS X, and it looks like it’s working for the GPX thing. (I haven’t tested the time issue yet–I may have a chance to test that this afternoon.)

  9. Hi,
    I have 42 pages of activities…why not a shortcut to the last page or start from the newest to the oldest activity?
    Great work!!!
    Thank you

  10. Great work on the updates jkili! I just upgraded from 1.3.2 to check out the new features. Would it be possible to display the runs in descending order ? I have like 50 pages of runs so its difficult to page through them. In 1.3.2 the notes were truncated and the table row height was the same. So i could quickly click to the end.

    Also .. do you have any idea why it takes awhile to be able to actually download after uploading to Nike ? I have always just waited an hour our so before trying. But I noticed now your extension returns the error [No Timezone Information set]. I assume in an hour or so I will be able to download it. just curious that if you knowledge of the API you may be able to tell me if that is something I can set in a preference or something somewhere.

    Thanks again ! and Good work !

      • Great, thanks. Hopefully there is a quick fix to this timezone problem (remember I am talking to undocumented/unsupported APIs). I have changed the sort to descending and will post that update asap (after testing).

  11. Hey there, great work dude!
    i´m working on MacOSX 10.8.2 and Chrome 24.
    i can fill in my nike+ data and see my runs but when i want to download the .tcx-Data (.gpx is not displayed) the windows opens and will hide after one second.
    chrome shows me a “1” in the dock but i can´t download this file because this windows is away.
    can you help me?

    • I am guessing that since you have no GPX option then the runs you are trying to download don’t have GPS coordinates? This plugin works best on runs with GPS coordinates. If they should have GPS coordinates, then can you let me know as there must be a bug.

      Also, are you sure the TCX file doesn’t appear in your default downloads directory?

  12. I’m just installed v1.44 and it show error “An error occurred while creating GPX file. Details: [RangeError: Invalid time value]” while I click GPX button. I using the javascript debugger to debug it and found that it is due to the data missing timeZone property and you assume the timeZoneId is in time format, but actually it is timezone id (for my case, it is “Asia/Hong_Kong”). It make your plugin cannot handle the timezone properly and cause this error.

  13. Hi, thank’s for your work!
    When I export in tcx it marks as I started 1 hour + late.
    Then could be nice if you can obviously, export altimeter.

    Thanks and nice job!

  14. Hi,
    Sounds like a great pluggin. I am probably missing something really obvious and apologise in advance, I have installed the pluggin and simply cannot figure out how to use it?

    How do export my Nike+ data?


    • After you install you should have a new icon on your chrome toolbar. Click it, enter your Nike plus login details, and click login. Your runs will be listed. Click the GPS icon next to each run to download GPS file. If no GPS icon, then it means there was not GPS coordinates, so you have to export as tcx file.

      • Got it, as I said I am clearly missing something simple. Thanks 😉
        I am getting this error now:

        An error occurred while loading activities. Details: [EvalError: Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript because ‘unsafe-eval’ is not an allowed source of script in the following Content Security Policy directive: “script-src ‘self’ chrome-extension-resource:”. ].

  15. Just tried this plugin but I get a “Login Failed. Please try again.” each time I try to log in with my email/password.

    I double checked I was using the right combo by logging out and then in on the official Nike+ site.

    Any thoughts?

    • There is a condition when you can have two email addresses in Nike+ (I have seen it in a few peoples accounts so far) and this is the most common reason. Can you try another email addresses you might have used to create the Nike+ account?

  16. Hi,
    Great plugin, I, also cannot decide between nike+ and sports-tracker, so this is very very helpfull!

    I have a question regarding the 1 km split – The data seems to be at the wrong pace even per 1 km. I know I’m starting and finishing very slow (walking), and running in the middle. The data that was downloaded does not reflect that (even per 1 km mark), it just looks like I run for the same (low) pace the entire workout.
    Nike+ web problem, or code problem?


    • Not sure. The data from nike± has to be averaged over each km (I.e. is not point perfect) but should be OK for km splits. Would need to see the data. Let me know if you want me to look at it further.

    • Unfortunately, the processing of getting Nike+ data into TCX/GPX files is very unscientific and not perfect. Don’t rely on this tool if you need precision at the lap level. Normally 1Km splits should be OK, but obviously in your case it doesn’t seem to be working.

  17. Hi mate, great addon love it.
    but i get this error the only way i can fix it is if i wait a full day after it has been uploaded then i can download it.
    An error occurred while creating GPX file. Details: [RangeError: Invalid time value]

  18. I have exported my Nike+ runs using your crx and when importing into Runtastic I get the following error (see below). I am using V1.46 of the crx and Version 35.0.1916.114 of Google Chrome.
    The TCX files I believe were primarily from Nike+ Indoor based runs, if that makes a difference.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Error Message from Runtastic Import Feature:
    Why an error occurred?
    There are various possibilities why your data import could not be completed:
    Your file is missing location or time data and no sport activity can be generated from it.
    The data of your file is malformed and does not match the specification for the filetype.
    The uploaded file is not a valid TCX or GPX file.

    • The export only works if GPS coordinates are present. I assume that indoor exports won’t have gps coordinates and therefore the files would not have any data in them.

      • I wondered if that would be the case. i appreciate your help and quick reply. Thanks. MMSJ4

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