Nike+ GPX Export v1.3

Sorry about all the activity lately, but I am travelling at the moment and have a bit more spare time than usual. I have just release version 1.3 of the plugin, which has the following features:

  • Export of Heart Rate data.
  • Fixed errors while trying to export runs with no GPS coordinates. The file now is created, but I don’t think it will be very useful with no data in it…
  • Indicators for runs that have GPS data (globe) and Heart Rate data (heart)
  • Fixing run descriptions to no longer include “undefined” etc.
  • UI tweaks

A big thanks to Byran for helping with this by supplying example data.

(Update 09/Oct/2012: New Version 1.32 released to fix bugs)

Please download the latest version by clicking the “Download” menu option above.


27 thoughts on “Nike+ GPX Export v1.3

  1. Since installing this version (1.31) I have been getting:
    Sorry, your activities can not be loaded at present. Please logout and try again.”

    Would also be nice to get descending order by Date in the table. Thanks for your work on this !

  2. Hi jkili,
    Chrome didn’t let me install the extension, and I couldn’t find on the webstore 😦
    Any idea how I can use it?


    • You need to put chrome into dev mode, which allows extensions to be manually installed. There is a check box to select on the extensions page.
      Let me know if you need more detailed instructions.

      • I did select the checkbox then clicked on load extension, I got this:
        “Could not load extension from ‘D:\Documents\Downloads’. Manifest file is missing or unreadable.”
        The “Downloads” folder is where there is the crx file.

      • Umm…. Can you check the file you downloaded is valid? nike+gpx-1.32.crx should be 169,582 bytes. You can also check the file by changing the extension to .zip and then opening the Zip file.

        If the file looks valid and is the right size can you tell me what version of Chrome and OS you are using?

  3. I just downloaded but when I run the extension, I can’t get the GPX. I got the following message: An error occurred while creating GPX file. Details: [TypeError: Cannot call method ‘indexOf’ of undefined]

  4. @jkili, This works great for all my workouts except the most recent one where I get the same [TypeError: Cannot call method ‘indexOf’ of undefined]. Have you been able to make heads or tails of this error? Thanks.

    • Sounds like a few people are having the same problem. Can you press the right mouse button and choose “inspect element” before downloading gpx and choose “console”. click icon to down load, and then copy the entire contents of the console into an email for me at Thx

  5. @jkili, each time i try to upload the data to strava, strava keeps throwing an error at me about failed up load. any guesses as to what’s going on? thanks for the great extension!

  6. Hello, great job!!
    Thank you very much.
    Something curious, there’s some activities that your extension shows besides I deleted them a week ago. Obviously it returns an error when a try to download them: An error occurred while creating GPX file. Details: [SyntaxError: Unexpected token <]

    • I guess Nike+ is returning them in the list of runs, which probably have a indicator to state they have been deleted which I am not checking. I will add it to the list of things to investigate for the next version.

  7. Thanks for the extension! I’ve been downloading my runs from Nike+ for some time now but just dumping the raw JSON output into my own little database for tracking. Keen to upload data to Strava so thought I would give your extension a try as I don’t have the time to fudge my data and drop it into GPX files (all my runs do not have GPS data as I only just got a GPS watch and have been using the Nike Sportband).

    Now, when I download the GPX for my runs, there’s nothing in there besides the run name, date, the fact it is a ‘run’ and the list of XML schemas? I would have though distance, duration, pace would still appear at a minimum? I also then exported my latest run (which does have GPS data – I used AW Smithsons tool to upload it from my Garmin Connect account to Nike+ and it worked fine) – yet this has no data in it either? I’m confused. Any advice you can offer would be great. I am using the latest version of your extension

    • Hi, the run with gps data should have all the waypoints included, so it would seem there must be a bug. For runs with no gps data there is really no place to put run summary info in a gpx file (i.e. No duration, pace, or time fields, just waypoints). I need to look into tcx files which might be the better option. If you send me the debug data for the gps run that is not exporting properly (see instructions on other comments i have posted) then i can work out why that run isn’t exporting properly.

      • Thanks for the reply. I checked the console ready to send to you then realised it was my bad! I used the AWSmithson tool incorrectly to get the GPS data across so it never actually transferred to Nike+ at that point – all data was there just not GPS. The only issue I could find in the console was this warning ‘BlobBuilder is deprecated. Use “Blob” constructor instead.’ just before the ‘Save As’ completion.

        I’m going to explore TCX too as it would seem that may be the only way to get a bulk upload to Strava of run data with no GPS.

  8. Hi

    First off, hats off for this extention its great.
    Just wondering if anything has changed since Christmas day as now all the files i download dont actually contain any gps data.

    pulling my hair out at the moment because i love my nike device just prefer my data to be on strava.

    • Do you mean even runs before Christmas (i.e. runs that previously worked)? I just checked here and it seems to be working but I have no runs after Christmas.

      If it is still not working, can you send me the debug data as described in my previous comments?

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