Nike+ Exporter v1.4

I have just released version 1.4 of the Nike+ Exporter Chrome plugin. Note the name change from Nike+GPX Export to just Nike+ Exporter, which highlights the biggest change with this version: TCX export!

I need more people to test this new functionality, so if TCX is your thing, then please try and use it and send me all your feedback. I also want to know if there is any need to split the run into multiple laps (e.g. km or mile laps, or as just one large lap). Also, with TCX I can put multiple runs in the one file so let me know if there is any need for such a feature (i.e. export all runs to TCX or perhaps export all runs on page to TCX, etc)

Here is a screen shot:


Click “GPX” for GPX export (only available for runs with GPS data), or TCX (which should work for runs without GPS data as well). Also there is a new icon for the toolbar (let me know if you like this one better than the old one.

If this version works well, I will submit it to the Chrome Web Store which should make it easier for novices to install.

Please download the latest version by clicking the “Download” menu option above.

Known Issues

A number of people have been said that runs might not be available for export for 2 hours, which could be a timezone issue.  However, I am yet to get any debug information. So if you have the same issue, or any other issue, can you send me the debug information using the following method:

  • Open up your console log after you log in (Right Mouse Button on the extension window, and inspect element/Console)
  • Use Plugin until the error occurs
  • Then cut/copy everything out of the console and send it to me in an email at

29 thoughts on “Nike+ Exporter v1.4

  1. It desn’t matter the button a select, it always downloads a TCX file, there’s no way I get the GPX file with this new version.

  2. Hi,

    I also see the same as kko01 and can no longer get the GPX file so rolled back (i am a mac user). I have not yet been able to generate you a debug log for the 2 hour issue as i have not been within the of nike upload before downloading. Should be able to try it on Tuesday.


  3. Hi, your export tool works beautifully. I’ve just exported 70+ workouts that were stuck in Nike+ since they updated their site in June last year. A nice feature would be if you could change the sorting of the workouts, so the newest workout is listed first. Alternatively but a “last” button, so you can skip to the end, instead of one page/tab at a time.

  4. Hi – love this tool – so useful and great you made it!

    Hoping it can save me a lot of time/effort. I’ve a few years of old Nike+ data that am trying to export as .tcx to import into Runkeeper. That geeky thing of having it all in one place 🙂

    I got the extension working – it pulls up all the files (as .tcx – no GPS data in any of them). But then when I click on it to export it goes through a very quick sequence that looks like

    1. it tells me it’s downloaded it (success)
    2. it points me to save the file somewhere (downloads?)

    but it does this so quick I can’t specify where the file goes.

    And the file(s) don’t end up anywhere I can find on my Mac.

    Wonder if you can help me?!

    • Hi Tom,
      It uses a automatic download function that should download to your default download location. Use the Chrome “Settings” page, and then click “Advanced” and there should be a section called “Download” which specifies the Download folder.

      Let me know how it goes, as I want some feedback on how non-GPS based TCX export/import is working for everyone.


      • Hi Justin

        That’s now working – changed the settings in Chrome to save automatically in Downloads and to not prompt me where to save the file. That did the trick and can now locate files downloaded.

        Next challenge! Just tried importing the .tcx file into Runkeeper which has option to import either GPX or TPX files. It’s been working well for GPX files from Cyclemeter and Endomondo.

        But when I try it I get a message “Oops! The file you uploaded could not be imported. Please check that you selected a valid GPX or TCX file and try again”

        Any ideas/thoughts?

        Cheers, Tom

      • Hi Tom,

        Is it possible for you to email me your gpx & tcx files? Also, if you have the time can you also send me your debug log info (as per instructions on there blog) ?

        Thanks, Justin

        > Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 10:55:35 +0000 > To: >

  5. Great plugin!

    I couldn’t download either gpx or tcx of 1 of my 65 runs. I got the error message for the gpx file: “An error occurred while creating GPX file. Details: [TypeError: Cannot read property ‘KMSPLIT’ of undefined]”.

    I’ll have to rename my files one by one so that their names date and time each run.
    Could the plugin have an options page where I could set the default file name to be the date/time of the run?

  6. Hey! Great initiative!
    Unfortunately (or not…) Chrome browser has changed its extension policy and I see no way to avoid it so I can install it 😦

    Any ideas?

    • You should be able to drag and drop the extension (crx file) on to the “extensions” window. This works for v30 of chrome still. Otherwise put the browser into developer mode (click the checkbox). Cheers

    • You should be able to drag and drop the extension on the “Settings > Extensions” page. It works for most people even on version 30 of chrome. Otherwise put into developer mode and try again.


  7. Are there any plans to add this to the Chrome Web Store? Google has started disabling extensions in Chrome that didn’t come from their store. It does not appear that you can bypass this and re-enable the extension.

  8. Has there been a recent change to Apple’s API or login settings? Depending on the system I’m using to access Nike+, I either get a successful login but no data (Nike+ Data Exporter from McCaig) or I can’t even login (using this extension or even trying to connect through MapMyRun or RunKeeper). This extension is suffering from that same issue for me; I’m unable to login. Though if I go to the Nike+ developer’s site, I am able to go through the API and view details and lists of activities. So I know the login info works and the data can be called out…

    Also, for anyone concerned, you can still add extensions to Chrome. Just go to settings -> extensions and drag the file into the window.

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