Consolidation and analytics of personal data has long been an interest of mine, particularly sports tracking like cycling and running. Mobile devices are making this easier, and every day new services allow access to all kinds of data which up to recently would have to be recorded manually (and therefore just not done, well except for people like Nicholas Felton).

However, for particular kinds of events, such as going to the gym, I have been taking the time to enter them manually in Google Calendar, into a special calendar set up to record just fitness events. I have always wanted to store other fitness items on the same calendar for easy visualisation of all fitness activities, but it was always too hard.

Since I have moved all of my running and cycling to Strava now, I decided to implement an application to sync my Strava activities to my Google Calendar (i.e. Strava-to-Google Calendar synchronisation). The solution works quite well, and I am guessing if I find it useful then there will be someone out there who might also like access to it.

So announcing x2G (http://x2g.herokuapp.com)!

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 9.39.59 pm

x2G (x-to-Google) first connects to your Google Calendar account, and then lets you connect Strava as well. Once both are connected, you choose the calendar you wish to sync your activities to, and hit the “Quick Sync” button. Full Sync will clear out all of the strava entries on the calendar before the sync (it wont delete anything that is not strava related).

Right now, it is in beta and still running on Heroku, so the URL will change in the future, but if you would like to test it with me feel free. Also, since it is in beta, I recommend connecting to a dedicated calendar rather than your primary calendar (just in case there are bugs).

It is called ‘x-to-Google’ because I am not stopping at only Strava. I have also got a Moves connection working as well, so expect that in the near future.

Any feedback either through this blog or email to: justink08@hotmail.com.

Update 15-Sep-2014: Sorry everyone if you have been having issues, I pushed an unfinished version up to the site and it was causing issues. I have fixed it now.

26 thoughts on “x2G

  1. hi, x2g works very well… could i add some feature requests?
    – distances in miles vs km
    – choose what info to display in google calendar
    – have x2g automatically trigger every day

    thank you 😉

  2. Hi, thanks for this! So strange that the apps themselves don’t provide an option to sync to GCal. Only Cyclemeter does this nicely, but it is iOS-only and I moved to Android…

    Is any data kept on a server?

    And I agree with the suggestion to include a link to the strava activity in teh Calendar entry.

    Many Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing this application, really appreciate it!

    I’d also welcome the option to import in miles.

    Thanks again,

  4. Thanks for building such an link. I would love to use it. I was wondering if this still works? I keep getting errors when trying to add my strava account. I tried restarting the process by revoking access from my google account and now when I try to redo the signup I get an apache 404 error “The requested resource is not available.”

  5. Not running since a few days. Please fix it.

    javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet.init() for servlet springDispatcher threw exception

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