Nike+ Exporter 1.46

I have posted a update to the plugin which upgrades all the dependencies to the latest versions and changes the way the files are generated. This might fix some of the issues people are having with the longer runs.

Please download the latest version by clicking the “Download” menu option above.

Update: 8/8/2014 – Published to the Chrome Web Store

Update: 3/Mar/2016 – Project code is now up at for those that want to fix any issues

Nike+ Exporter 1.43 / 1.44

I have posted a minor update to the plugin which incorporates the most popular feature request, to have the list sorted in reverse order (i.e. most run first).

Also, I have added what might be a fix to the timezone issue. If the error occurs again, please email me your debug logging so I can diagnose further.

Update 24/01/2013: More bugs fixed with the timezone issue. Hopefully fixed now. Please try v1.44.

Please download the latest version by clicking the “Download” menu option above.

Nike+ Exporter v1.4

I have just released version 1.4 of the Nike+ Exporter Chrome plugin. Note the name change from Nike+GPX Export to just Nike+ Exporter, which highlights the biggest change with this version: TCX export!

I need more people to test this new functionality, so if TCX is your thing, then please try and use it and send me all your feedback. I also want to know if there is any need to split the run into multiple laps (e.g. km or mile laps, or as just one large lap). Also, with TCX I can put multiple runs in the one file so let me know if there is any need for such a feature (i.e. export all runs to TCX or perhaps export all runs on page to TCX, etc)

Here is a screen shot:


Click “GPX” for GPX export (only available for runs with GPS data), or TCX (which should work for runs without GPS data as well). Also there is a new icon for the toolbar (let me know if you like this one better than the old one.

If this version works well, I will submit it to the Chrome Web Store which should make it easier for novices to install.

Please download the latest version by clicking the “Download” menu option above.

Known Issues

A number of people have been said that runs might not be available for export for 2 hours, which could be a timezone issue.  However, I am yet to get any debug information. So if you have the same issue, or any other issue, can you send me the debug information using the following method:

  • Open up your console log after you log in (Right Mouse Button on the extension window, and inspect element/Console)
  • Use Plugin until the error occurs
  • Then cut/copy everything out of the console and send it to me in an email at

Nike+ GPX Export v1.3

Sorry about all the activity lately, but I am travelling at the moment and have a bit more spare time than usual. I have just release version 1.3 of the plugin, which has the following features:

  • Export of Heart Rate data.
  • Fixed errors while trying to export runs with no GPS coordinates. The file now is created, but I don’t think it will be very useful with no data in it…
  • Indicators for runs that have GPS data (globe) and Heart Rate data (heart)
  • Fixing run descriptions to no longer include “undefined” etc.
  • UI tweaks

A big thanks to Byran for helping with this by supplying example data.

(Update 09/Oct/2012: New Version 1.32 released to fix bugs)

Please download the latest version by clicking the “Download” menu option above.


New Version of Nike+ GPX Export (1.1)

I have just released a new version of the Nike+ GPX Chrome Plugin (Version 1.1) to fix a problem with only some accounts (thanks Aleix for pointing out the issue). It turns out that I needed to strip out the white-space in users screen names in order to request the list of runs. This is a small change, but let me know if stops anyone from working. I also formatted the distance and duration fields in the table to make it more readable.

I am still working on heart-rate monitor export support (sorry for the delay).

Nike+ GPX Export

Given my inability to make a decision to switch completely to Nike+ from Sports Tracker, I have developed a solution to export Nike+ runs as GPX files which can be easily imported into Sport Tracker (manually). It is a Chrome plugin, which will login into Nike+ and then list your runs, and next to each run is the ability to export to GPX files.

Caveat – Nike+ doesn’t provide an interface to give the exact time at each GPS location, so I use the split data (1 kms) to average each GPS location over each KM (i.e. profile/lap data is accurate only to a 1km resolution).

There are other sites around that provide this kind of feature, but the latest Nike+ update broke most of them (at the time of this post). Therefore, this is the only option I have which works with the current Nike+ as of August-2012.

Please download the latest version by clicking the “Download” menu option above (or at the top of the blog web site for those using RSS readers).