NikePlus Exporter – Retirement

I have stopped using Nike+ and didn’t notice that Nike has redone the Nike+ service, and a couple of weeks ago my plugin to download Nike Activities as TCX and GPX files, stopped working.

I was expecting this for a while, since I was essentially calling their unpublished APIs. I have taken a quick look at it and there is good and bad news.

The bad news is, the changes are major. It will require a rewrite.

The good news is, there is now an official API.

I have the code deployed on github @, so am happy for someone to pick up the work at moving the plugin code to the API (it looks very do’able). However,  I note there are heaps of Nike+ GPX tools out there so I don’t think it is worth the time investment from my perspective.


I am sorry to everyone who has used the tool and become reliant on it, but check out one of the other tools and hopefully it fulfills your needs.

Nike+GPX and x2g

Nike+GPX – I have merged a fix from Paj and deployed on the Chrome App Store. I have also redirected the download link to the app store as that probably makes sense now.

x2g also got an minor update to fix the following issues:

  1. Private Strava activities not being synchronised
  2. Any requests over 30s are not being terminated by Heroku. So I had to make it not return an error, but mention that the full sync will complete soon (it will keep on going in the background)
  3. Sync Date not being displayed properly

x2G & Nike+GPX News

A number of changes to Strava and MongoLabs meant the x2G app stopped working last year. I thought I would have a new app out that absorbed the main functionality of x2G however that is taking longer than expected, so I went back and fixed the number of issues it had. So it should be working again!

My new app will synchronise to-and-from Google Calendar so will be a natural progression when it comes out.

As for Nike+GPX, I don’t use Nike+ anymore so didn’t notice it too had some issues which I see a few people have written updates to handle. So I have made it open source on GitHub now (, I should have done that a long time ago. So please feel free to keep the plugin up-to-date and I will post updates here when required.

Update 16/Mar/2016: NikePlus Plugin has been updated in both the download link and Chrome Web Store to v0.48 (Thanks to Per Jensen & Matthias Hüller). GitHub also merged.