New Version of Nike+ GPX Export (1.1)

I have just released a new version of the Nike+ GPX Chrome Plugin (Version 1.1) to fix a problem with only some accounts (thanks Aleix for pointing out the issue). It turns out that I needed to strip out the white-space in users screen names in order to request the list of runs. This is a small change, but let me know if stops anyone from working. I also formatted the distance and duration fields in the table to make it more readable.

I am still working on heart-rate monitor export support (sorry for the delay).

3 thoughts on “New Version of Nike+ GPX Export (1.1)

  1. Hi
    Thanks for the job but I still can’t export ma data. I don’t understund where I have to click : on the gpx icon ? it doesn’t save anything.
    Could it be coming from my chrome version (22.0.1229.79) ?

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